SteakHut Partnership with Betswirl

SteakHut Partnership with Betswirl to help bring automated and optimized liquidity to the $BETS Arbitrum liquidity pool on Trader Joe V2.

With SteakHut, users may now contribute liquidity to the Trader Joe V2-powered $BETS-$ETH pool, which is an AMM with focused liquidity. SteakHut Partnership with Betswirl, SteakHut automates rebalancing to keep liquidity in range and earn swap incentives for users.

Concentrated reward farming lets users stake their “SH LB Tokens” to receive bonuses on top of their liquidity positions.

How to participate and earn BONUS $ETH

Step One: Head over to SteakHut and connect your wallet

2: Switch to the Arbitrum network and locate the BETS-ETH liquidity vault

3: Stake $BETS and $ETH into the liquidity vault

Step Four: Farm your tokens!

About Betswirl

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About Steakhut

SteakHut Finance is an Avalanche native yield and liquidity aggregator. SteakHut offers a diverse portfolio of tools for individuals, and protocols to unlock the full potential of DeFi.

SteakHut’s liquidity provisions are a first-of-a-kind decentralized market-making platform enabling projects to create deep liquidity on the Trader Joe DEX V2.Users can access a range of liquidity provisions from passive to actively managed strategies, taking the work and complexity out of their liquidity management and automating the process for complete efficiency.

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